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Behind the Lights Camera Africa Film Festival Campaign

Behind the Lights Camera Africa Film Festival Campaign

Storytelling has been a vital part of the African culture. It is the backbone on which culture is transported across generations. Beyond a tool, storytelling Is powerful. It is a window to the mind, creating relentless and limitless possibilities. When Ugoma Adegoke, the founder of Lights Camera Africa, informed us about the theme of the festival, our hearts leaped for joy. Tales by Moonlight was so symbolic. It embodied storytelling and as Africans it meant a lot more.


As opposed to being read bedtime stories, we were told tales that instilled character, explained the existence of the supernatural and so much more.


In creating this year’s visual we were conscious about the festival’s intention to demonstrate and articulate film as visual and potent storytelling that not only connects us to the past but enables the future.

We immersed ourselves in scamps and art that were not literal but told its own story in itself. Every stroke was intentional. The line face was of non-binary gender, making it relatable across genders. The closed eye lids signified a shining half moon and still, it represented dreams. A tale behind the eyes.

Moon Face Reveal

When we shared this design with the founder of the festival, Ugoma Adegoke, it was love at first sight. She had just one request: “Add stars in the background” and we totally aligned with this thought. The stars depicted night time but in a subtle beautiful way that was illuminating but not intrusive. It made everything come together in a beautiful way.

The minimalistic approach was intentional to communicate a single message: There is beauty in simplicity and a story in minimalism. It helps you focus on finding that story without distraction.

The Gradients guide you from dusk till dawn with lights of the night and day in harmony. The placement of the gradient right beneath the eye was to draw the viewer to the peaceful dreams and tales hidden behind the eye.

A single side of the face is emphasized to say that there is more to this tale and that part is up to you and your experience at this year’s Lights Camera Africa Film Festival. We updated the website to reflect the change.


We gave each other high fives when we completed this design because we could all see ourselves in it. It embodied the power of art and storytelling into one. We hope that you can see yourself in it and connect with it beyond the festival.

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