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We Are An Awesome Agency

We are on an Einstein level when it comes to branding and communications. When you step through our doors, via phone calls, emails, social media or even physically, we are at alert with one leading question: How can we help you do more, connect more, stand out, reach your customers, be the best, and blossom in your industry.


We are all about you.


We recognize your challenges, interact with your potential customers, come up with lasting solutions that set you apart from the competition, test this solution and leave an unforgettable impression. You are more than a client. You are special.


We are


About Us

Einsteinette Limited

“Einsteinette Limited was created to catalyze the communication of small and medium scale business to a point where they can comfortably compete on the same scale as the large players in industries, with the barest minimum budget and so far, it’s working.”

– Blessing Abeng, Founder.
Social Media Management

Content creation and community management of social media pages/digital assets to build relationships, encourage learning and generate leads.


Creation of a unique identity, easily recognizable with a lasting impression and appropriate perception. It is beyond just a brand corporate identity.

Digital Advertising

Amplify content on digital platforms and ad networks, targeting the right people and spurring them to take necessary action.

Email & SMS Marketing

Creation of highly segmented content to invoke action and spur conversions, engagement and loyalty using email and sms media based on data retrieved via inbound marketing.

Graphic Design & Photography

Creation and capturing of great images to reflect the words, captivate the audience and communicate our stories in visually appealing ways.

Strategy & Trendspotting

The journey of a great brand begins with a concrete strategy, based on research and genius solutions. We also spot and map trends to put you ahead of the game in your industry.

Make Your Brand Shine – Show The World Your Unique & Creative Side

The best part is, you do not have to break the bank while you are at it.

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