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Comms Management


Communications management to build relationships, support business goals, and generate leads. This may include content creation, community management of social media pages/digital assets, influencer management or PR to build relationships, encourage learning and generate leads.

  • 1 Communications or Content strategy
  • Execution of strategy
  • Budget proposal for third party activities
  • Vetting of platforms to ensure brand consistency
  • 12 posts monthly for one digital platform ony.
  • iphonography where necessary
  • content graphic design where necessary
  • 1 month
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Communications Management involves sharing your brand identity, vision and products/services with your key stakeholders based on the business goals in ways that they understand. We will develop a communications strategy, create content, and communication channels based on comms strategy. This might include PR, partnerships, depending on the strategy. We will build long-lasting relationships for your brand, encourage learning, and generate leads.


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